GMAT CAT – the admission test for MBA programs is required by most business schools worldwide and is considered one of the most important criteria to gain acceptance to an MBA program. In many cases, the GMAT score is the determining factor in choosing one candidate over another. In addition, the score can help considerably when applying for scholarships. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a non-profit organization, is responsible for writing and editing the GMAT tests.

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What is the GMAT test?

The GMAT is written in English and tests quantitative and verbal reasoning skills, as well as logic and analytical abilities. The underlying assumption of the test creators is that these abilities are acquired over time (during elementary school, high school, and higher education) and that by testing them, institutes can predict the likelihood that an applicant will be successful. Research has shown a significant correlation between those achieving high GMAT scores and success in academics.

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However, there are basic problems that were not examined in most of the research and may challenge the GMAT’s ability to predict academic success. Firstly, most of the published research was carried out by GMAC itself, casting doubt on the objectivity of their findings. Secondly, most students who take the test prepare in some way. It has been undoubtedly proven that after a few weeks of intense preparation, candidates can significantly improve their scores. The researchers failed to consider the number of students who were coached for the test. Finally, there is a problem in using the term “academic success”. It’s important to remember that the test is used as a tool in determining acceptance to MBA programs; but is a student who gets high grades during the MBA studies necessarily a better businessman or woman?

Academic institutes know only too well that the GMAT is not designed to test each and every aspect of a candidate’s suitability. They carry out their own research, and each business school decides independently how much importance to place on the GMAT test score in the overall application. They are aware that students prepare for this test and raise admission requirements in accordance.

So does the GMAT predict success in the business world?

Academic success in American academic institutions teaching Business Management is well recognized. Students who obtain good grades during the MBA are more likely to advance in their specialized fields. The top MBA programs not only are  compromised of theoretical study and regular testing, but also aim to teach and examine analytical and conceptual abilities and nurture personal traits that specifically suit the world of business management.

Discussion regarding the pros and cons of the test are complex and full of interests. The answers probably won’t be determined in the next few years. In the meantime, more and more business schools and management programs require that you take the test, and its relative importance within the application continues to increase over time.

If you have your mind set on a prestigious MBA degree, you must first overcome the hurdle that is the GMAT exam!

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Additional information about the GMAT exam

The test center

The test center conditions are excellent: new, advanced computerized systems; spacious, comfortable work stations; a quiet environment; and highly professional staff. There are lockers for bags and personal belongings outside of the test room. During the test, CCTV cameras record the room to ensure fair play. At the end of the test, you are presented your score report, which is stamped and given to you for your personal use. Extra copies are available at an added cost. Proper identification (two different types of photo ID) is required for taking the test.

You will receive an erasable noteboard booklet and a marker. Your palm will be scanned for identification purposes when you enter the exam room and when return from breaks. You can learn more about the test center in the following video (from GMAC’s official website).

How the GMAT test is administrated? Watch the video now (recommended):

Setting a date for the GMAT

You can book a test date on the website: The cost is $250, and only international credit cards are accepted.
You need to book the test at least three weeks in advance in order to make sure that you secure a time that suits you (generally towards the end of application rounds’ deadlines, but it’s preferable to sign up even earlier). Test dates can be changed at a charge of $50. Testing is available at least twice a week, depending on demand. The test can be re-taken on the condition that 16 days have passed since last taking the test at a maximum total of 5 times over a 12-month period.

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