Our teachers work full time and exclusively at Ofek, teaching for the GMAT, GRE and TOEFL exams.

You won’t find SAT teachers doing a little extra work on the side, or students teaching between semesters every few months. Our staff is comprised of an elite team of instructors who work from morning until evening, preparing students for the GMAT exam, and they’ve been doing it for years!
This fact ensures Ofek teachers are at the top of their game. It also ensures that we can get to know each student well and indentify his/ her needs and unique attributes.

Come meet our teachers:

Zack GoldmanZack Goldman

Zack has vast experience in preparing students for the GMAT and GRE and has been doing so since 1994.  Zack has taught hundreds of courses to thousands of satisfied students who have been accepted to many of the top business schools around the world.

Email Zack: zack@ofekprep.com

Doron AaronsohnDoron Aaronsohn

Doron (MBA) has escorted thousands of GMAT students over many years of tutoring and class teaching. According to his students, this vast exprience is what makes studying with him so efficient.

Email Doron: doronson@ofekprep.com


Assaf Linial

Assaf Linial

Assaf (MBA) specializes in private tutoring for the GMAT and also teaches Ofek’s group Quantitative GMAT and GRE courses.

Email Assaf: assaf@ofekprep.com



Sarai Yaseen

Sarai Yaseen

For over a decade, Sarai has been developing course material and preparing students from all over the globe for the verbal section of the GMAT.

Born and raised in Boston, Sarai obtained a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in English Literature and a Certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She also has an MA in English Literature.

Email Sarai: sarai@ofekprep.com


Lauren Efrat

Lauren Efrat

Born and raised in London, Lauren has been teaching English and translating literature for the last decade. This experience combined with her strong analytical and logic skills are the key to her students’ success on the verbal section of the GMAT.

Email lauren: lauren@ofekprep.com



Ofek’s mascot and a prominent socialite in the big city, Ofeki manages to combine a successful career in the field of education with a high-profile social life. Ofeki is a three-time divorcee and now resides in an office.

Email Ofeki:  ofeki@ofekprep.com


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