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MBA Application Timeline

Many times, candidates believe that MBA consulting agencies are time machines. With one week left to submission, they will pick up the phone, ready to start their process no matter what scores, paperwork, or information they are missing. Unfortunately, MBA consultants have not yet mastered the art of time travel. Trust us, if we did, [...]

How can I raise my Verbal score?

Many GMAT students may feel that, while quantitative questions are clear-cut and objective, verbal questions are shrouded in the ambiguity of language and that, consequently, achieving a high score on the verbal section is to some degree a matter of luck, which is determined by the whims of evil verbal GMAT goblins. This could not [...]

How to tackle the GMAT and a full-time job

The average age of a student taking the GMAT is 27. MBA candidates are usually more mature and more experienced in the work place than other types of masters' degree candidates. Therefor it's clear to see why so many GMAT candidates are taking the challenging task of working full-time whilst prepping for the GMAT. So, [...]

5 Essential Tips for Preparing for the GMAT

So you've made that all important decision that you want to embark on a journey towards an MBA and now you need to ace the GMAT.ֲ  This can leave even the best and brightest feeling scared and nervous and the more you read up about it, the more overwhelming the GMAT can seem. So before [...]

Should I Retake the GMAT Exam?

Retaking the GMAT - Emily's story "So what do you say? Is there a way for me to boost my GMAT score?" Emily looked really anxious. Following a friend's recommendation, she contacted me with a common concern: after months of study and practice, which included taking a prep course, Emily achieved aֲ GMAT total score of [...]

How Can You Improve Your GMAT Score?

If youג€™re getting close to retaking the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, then you may be wondering how to maximize yourֲ GMAT score. Scholarships are sometimes awarded based on a candidateג€™s score. In addition, graduate program administrators often consider the scores from this test when making admission decisions, so doing well is critical. Our 3-step [...]

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