Our vision: To provide honest assessment and expert guidance in GMAT preparation to ensure that our students meet their full potential.

Ofek Prep was founded by expert instructor and entrepreneur, Zack Goldman. Having repeatedly scored 800 on the GMAT, Zack is intent on sharing his unique way of looking at and solving problems. He has been preparing students for the GMAT since 1994.

Over the course of two decades, Zack has helped thousands of students gain acceptance to the world’s top business schools. Today, the Ofek Prep team is comprised of a small staff of highly professional instructors who, under Zack’s supervision, teach for the GMAT full time.

Why is Ofek Prep different?

At Ofek Prep, we believe that only individually tailored instruction leads MBA candidates to success. Every student has different needs; each comes from a different background and has different abilities, time constrictions, and budgets.

Ofek Prep provides you with a study plan tailored to your individual needs!

• High-quality, professional online tutoring with expert tutors
• Instruction adapted to your level and pace
Flexible lesson scheduling – take lessons whenever, wherever
• Adaptive problem solving methods designed to meet your individual needs
• Advanced learning materials and resources including text books, state-of-the-art computerized practice software, and dozens of practice tests
• Continual performance assessments and advice on study methods throughout your study program
• Extremely patient instructors who are well experienced in offering several explanations, if required, to ensure your full comprehension
• Scientific analysis and models formulated for all question types
• Our unique teaching methods ensure that in-depth study of a few major principles will lead to independent mastery of many strategies

So what is the next step?
Preparing for GMAT is an important decision that can impact your future.

Don’t allow a sales rep to dictate what kind of instruction you need – speak to an experienced GMAT instructor who can devise the best course of action for you.

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